Stay tuned

This blog,  A Pale Canadian, was born from a class assignment. But now the assignment has come and gone, the class is wrapping up and marks will soon be assessed.


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There were a few stumbles. Some topics did well; some didn’t. Some topics I’d handle differently; examining them from other angles, that sort of thing. Writing is tough. A lot of hard work, effort and energy goes into not only maintaining a blog but consistently coming up with engaging content and in an easily accessible (and likeable) writing style; something that I’m just beginning to get the hang of it.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first blogging experience. The blogging community has been extremely supportive through likes, comments and sharing. I’ve tried to reciprocate not just because they liked my stuff but because they’re putting in just as much effort, sweat and tears, into their digital babies and creating some really quality stuff.

I hope you have enjoyed reading A Pale Canadian over the last ten weeks. Hopefully you found some humour in the adventures (and frustrations) I’ve had while living in Australia. Soon those adventures will be of returning back to Toronto and rediscovering the city all over again. Perhaps A Pale Canadian will change its core theme and take on new features and cover things other than what it’s like to live in a particular city. Seems more sustainable, non? Time will tell.

Your feedback is always helpful and appreciated.

The question now posed to me is “will I continue with the blog?”

The answer?

Stay tuned …